The Dryad Collection brings together 30 years of research

The Dryad Collection brings together 30 years of research

Although the Dryad Collection is still young, its creator has over 30 years of experience in textile materials design.

It was in 1988, when I was still wearing a white lab coat, that I started developing textile materials to protect people. Protection against fire, viruses, nuclear weapon radiation, radar detection, infrared or ultraviolet detection, and also against the cold.

With my colleagues from the industry, textile materials had to be adapted for both scorching heat and freezing cold environments. In the beginning, the cold war still in effect, brought the infantry of the Canadian Forces to northern climate. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, operations moved to warmer settings like the Middle East.

Even if you are not deployed in Afghanistan or in the Arctic Circle, certain innovations generated in clothing manufacturing for these extreme conditions are accessible to you through the Dryad Collection.

The next articles will cover tall those innovations involve for the Dryad collection.

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