Soie d’Amérique : A Second Beginning

Soie d’Amérique : A Second Beginning

Getting started in business is often difficult. It often takes several years between seeding and a productive harvest . I sowed my first milkweed seeds in 2013. Despite a road strewn with pitfalls, Soie d’Amérique has taken root again and this time in many different ways. Several companies have made it their raw material with the aim of making it accessible to all, thus consolidating the supply chain further.

Among these companies there is mine: Vegetal Alternative, which introduces the first clothing item from the Dryad Collection, a sleeveless jacket. In addition, a parka model for women and one for men will soon follow.

Even if winter is far away, you are welcome to reserve yours in advance to ensure on-time delivery for winter. The confection is made in Canada, but it is made to order.

At the same time, Vegetal Alternative also offers cold condition workwear with its SyBer Collection. The Canadian Coast Guard has opted for these garments since their first trial of Soie D’Amérique in 2017.

I encourage you to follow the developments of the Soie D’Amérique’s industry via

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