8 June 2021
Blowing into a breathable fabric

Over the last 40 years, the makers of cold-weather garments have relied on so-called "breathable" waterproof fabrics. Yet, even today, people are straining to blow air through such fabric to find out if it really is breathable. The trouble is, air does not pass through a breathable membrane (or coating) Rather, the principle is based […]

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18 April 2021
The Dryad Collection brings together 30 years of research

Although the Dryad Collection is still young, its creator has over 30 years of experience in textile materials design. It was in 1988, when I was still wearing a white lab coat, that I started developing textile materials to protect people. Protection against fire, viruses, nuclear weapon radiation, radar detection, infrared or ultraviolet detection, and […]

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9 April 2021
Soie d’Amérique : A Second Beginning

Getting started in business is often difficult. It often takes several years between seeding and a productive harvest . I sowed my first milkweed seeds in 2013. Despite a road strewn with pitfalls, Soie d’Amérique has taken root again and this time in many different ways. Several companies have made it their raw material with the […]

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