• Dryad Collection:
    No skin
    No down
    No animals
    Only plants

  • For the respect of nature and its residents

  • Wearing a garment from the Dryad Collection means being surrounded by nature.

Dryad Collection

Wearing nature without resorting to animals.
This is the challenge given to himself by François Simard, founder of Vegetal Alternative.
Although a chemical engineer by training, it is through natural fibers that he forged his expertise in technical textiles. 
In 2016, he introduced an insulation made from milkweed fiber as an alternative to goose down. 
François Simard
Note : The name dryad designates the divinities associated to the trees and the forest


Plant based and biosoucred fibres insulation
Fait au Canada
Made in Canada
Price: $549.95
Delivery included in Canada

Sleeveless jacket

Plant-based fibre insluation 150 g/m2 quilted 3 inches
VEGETECHTM membrane outer shoulder linings
Fait au Canada
Made in Canada
  • Modèle DY57-W for women
  • Modèle DY57-M for men
Price: $225
Delivery included in Canada


Organic cotton interior
Plant-based fibre insluation
DESSERTO cover (55% vegetable fiber and 45% bio-PU)
Fait au Canada
Made in Canada
Price: $69.85
Delivery included in Canada

Plant-Based Fibre Comforter

Superior Comfort – Hypoallergenic - Washable
Entirely designed and made in Canada
Fait au Canada
Made in Canada
Starting at $399.95
Delivery included in Canada


Design and offer high performance garments with plant fibres without animal products.


Compassion for animals
Help improving animal wellbeing and reducing their industrial exploitation.
Avoid duplicating production capacities in favor of synergistic collaborations.
Integrate science into an artistic vision.
Prioritize the production in Canada of clothing and its components.


The concern for animal welfare was the company founder’s motivation to develop plant-based alternatives for clothing components. However, the story begins a long time ago.


Le souci du bienêtre animal a été la motivation du fondateur de l’entreprise à développer des alternatives végétales pour les composantes de vêtement. L’histoire débute il y a longtemps.

Les vêtements et accessoires militaires qui ont découlé de ses innovations ont contribué, d’ailleurs, à rendre l’armée canadienne, un modèle en matière de vêtement de protection.


The year in which the shift to natural fibers took place, first by working with hemp and flax.


Enters milkweed and its pod fibres which culminated in January 2021 with the first plant-based alternative to down for clothing insulation.


Creation of the company Vegetal Alternative which brings together textile science activities in harmony with nature.


Beginning of the development of an alternative to animal leather with equivalent properties leading to the arrival of VEGETECHTM at the same time as the plant-based insulation.


To better benefit the population of these milestones in the clothing industry, Vegetal Alternative has created the Dryad Collection. Clothes isolated from plant fibers.

Coming up

For the moment, we cannot produce a technical garment against the cold made up only of plant fibres, but work continues at Vegetal Alternative to reach this goal.

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